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Awesome Music / The Craft

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Graeme Revell's score for the film is pretty awesome.

  • The film opens with "Ours Is the Power", a mysterious and slightly eerie piece that perfectly establishes the tone of the movie.
  • The mystical and upbeat "Magic Store", where the girls formally introduce Sarah (and by extension the viewer) to the world of magic.
  • "Invocation", which plays when the girls invoke Manon, is an extremely unsettling and eerie track that really gives the sense of foraying into something frighteningly powerful and unknown. The second half especially helps build a sense of dread when the girls see the consequences of the ritual, marking the point in the film where things start getting much darker and more serious.
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  • The unnerving "Trouble with Snakes"; at times it almost sounds like there are hissing snakes and crawling creatures within the track itself.


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