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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • On the first day at school, Bonnie is reading that the almanac foretells of someone new coming - and thinks that a fourth member could be joining. Nancy jokingly suggests it's a nearby Brawn Hilda of a security guard.
    "I love a woman in uniform."
  • After the death of Nancy's stepfather, an insurance agent tells Nancy and her mother they are insured for $175,000. Nancy and her mother's excited squealing and the agent's awkward reaction are priceless.
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  • When Sarah first finds out about Manon, she nervously asks the other girls if they worship the devil.
  • When Sarah has Chris under his spell, it is pretty amusing to see a previous Jerk Jock resort into a love sick lapdog.
    Chris:(handing Sarah a flower) I wanna apologize for those guys in French. They're assholes.
    Sarah: (dropping the flower) Yeah well, you know what they say. You are who you hang with.
    • Chris' response makes it even funnier; he laughs at first, then suddenly realises what Sarah actually said.
    Chris: Wait, did you just call me an asshole?
    Sarah: I'm sorry, my defences are up. People here have been really rude to me.
  • When the girls play a game of "light as a feather, stiff as a board" on Rochelle, they are not only impressed at their work, we get this from Rochelle.
    How do I get down?
    • The girls also make jokes about Rochelle not levitating because she's too heavy.
    Nancy: I think I sprained my finger.
    • Then Bonnie's mom unexpectedly walks in and they drop Rochelle on her ass.
    Mother: Are you girls getting high?
    The Nostalgia Chick: Well in a manner of speaking...
    • And in the background you can hear Rochelle groaning "ow, my butt!"
    • When Sarah explains how to play the game, Nancy finds Sarah's words a little suggestive.
    Nancy: You put your fingers where ?
  • Bonnie walks in late post-makeover to class and deadpans to the Stern Teacher "sorry, my pedicure ran late."
    • Let's be honest - we know that Bonnie was late on purpose to make her entrance grander.
  • Nancy asking for a "smaller ass" when the Sarah and the girls collectively use magic to change Sarah's hair from blonde to brown.
  • When Bonnie catcalls a random guy and tells him he has a cute butt, Sarah deadpans, "You have a cute butt, wanna have dinner?"
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  • The girls' reactions to Sarah telling them she slit her wrists are so awkward it's hilarious. Most notably after Sarah says she did it with a kitchen knife, Nancy excitedly says "punk rock" as if she approves.
  • Sarah snatches a hair from Laura Lizzie to use in a spell. She covers up with...
    Sarah: Sorry, I thought I saw a bug. You know they have shampoo for that?
  • When Sarah is watching Chris's football practice, Nancy messes with him by shouting out sarcastic words of encouragement. The noise causes him to trip up.
  • Just the racial slur "Negroid." Who the hell says that?!
  • While the bullying is horrible, Laura Lizzie throws Rochelle off her dive by yelling "shark!" as she jumps.
  • In a deleted scene, Rochelle compares Nancy's magic addiction to "those middle aged women on Sally Jesse who can't stop decorating their home".