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Awesome Music / PaRappa the Rapper

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    PaRappa the Rapper 
  • The third stage's rap with Prince Fleaswallow has a slow, reggae-inspired beat, but the flow on the vocals is impressive.
    "Just because the rhythm is slow/ that don't mean that you can't flow!"
  • "Funny Love" plays in the cutscene before the final level. It's a wonderful R&B song that's basically a Heartwarming Moment in musical form.
  • The final stage's rap. On top of being just plain awesome, it stands out from most of the other raps in the game in that Parappa doesn't just repeat the teacher's lines; he actually comes up with his own lyrics!

    PaRappa the Rapper 2 
  • The first level's rap, "Toasty Buns", is a great opening for the game thanks to its catchy groove.
  • Food Court is extraordinary work, bringing together all of the teachers' raps backed by chiptune music.
  • "Noodles Can't Be Beat" has a great old-school hip-hop beat, and sounds perfect for the climax of the story.