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Curse of Chalion

  • Iselle using the excuse of mourning her brother to get a moment alone, then immediately starting to plot her escape from the corrupt chancellor and eventual seizure of power.
  • Cazaril points out to a particular stupid (and bribed) prospective duellist that "I do not duel." He's not trained in courtly sword-waving. He's a soldier. He kills people.
  • The bit at the end where Cazaril recognizes Danni and realised that the beating that's been causing him trouble this whole time was actually the first step in the chain that's going to fix the whole mess, and then the final result of that chain when the death demon ends up taking both dy Jironals, are CMoA for the Lady of Spring, for putting the whole fix together.
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  • Cazaril turns down a huge bribe from the Fox of Ibra - and does so with such diplomacy that the Fox laughs at being turned down.
  • Royina Sara shows up to the funeral of Dondo, slain by the Bastard's demon, wearing brightly-colored festival clothes and a load of jewelry instead of somber dress, and wears Bastard's Day white garments in place of proper black-and-lavender mourning attire afterward. And nobody dares challenge her over it.


Paladin of Souls

  • Ista pretends to surrender to the enemy's leader, Joen, who is controlling a bunch of demon-possessed sorcerors:
    Joena: Welcome to my gates, Ista dy Chalion. I am the Mother of Jokona. (sends forth a demon to enslave Ista with a mere gesture)
    Ista: (Summarily eats said demon) Welcome to mine, Joen of Jokona. I am the Mouth of Hell.
  • Cattilara, whose love for Arhys is so powerful that in his defense, this sweet, beautiful, vulnerable, slightly-dimwitted girl suddenly develops an iron will that can seize back control from a demon and bend it to her will in under five seconds.


The Hallowed Hunt

  • Ijada calling for the election of a new Hallow King, on the grounds that Horseriver had died. And then becoming the bannerwoman of the new Hallow King, Ingrey kin Wolfcliff
  • Ingrey uses the Weirding Voice to command "Come in!" to the Five Gods.

Penric's Demon

  • Penric standing up for Desdemona to prevent her from being returned to the Bastard's Hell, speaking to the Bastard himself through one of his demon eating saints.

Penric's Mission

  • Penric using extreme amounts of "uphill" magic to repair a blinded man's eyes.

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