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Heartwarming / World of the Five Gods

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The Curse of Chalion

  • Pretty much any time someone cuts Cazaril a break.
    • The Provincara welcoming him into her househould when he returns Chalion after two years in the slave galleys and seventeen years after she'd last seen him as a boy.
    • Betriz, in middle of switching gears from attending Iselle's most dreaded marriage until after Cazaril performs Death Magic and kills her unwanted fiance to helping her ready for a joyous funeral, makes sure Caz (who appears deathly ill at the time) is cleaned up, given fresh warm linens and warm milk toast to eat.
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    • Then Iselle, ordering the Temple of the Mother of Summer to send their best physician up to Caz's room to examine his tumor.
    • Royse Bergon recognizing Caz as the man who'd saved him from defilement on the galley and practically hopping up and down for joy.
    • Betriz firmly turning down Caz's suggestion that she marry his friend Palli instead, when she knows perfectly well Caz is dying.
    • Iselle decreeing that Caz and Betriz marry. "I'm not sacrificing her to you as a reward for your loyalty. I'm bestowing you on her as a reward for her loyalty."
  • Palli's almost puppy-like joy at finding his old friend alive and well.
    Palli: Caz, Caz! I kiss your hands! I kiss your feet! Caz, man! I'd thought you were dead!
  • When the Fox of Ibra accedes to Cazaril and Iselle's demands in their negotiations. Played up across the book as the epitome of hard-nosed calculation, a man who would go to war with his own eldest son to make sure he got his way when it came to his kingdom, the Fox is suddenly flush with paternal pride as Cazaril points out Iselle and Bergon's marriage may not buy Chalion for the Fox, but nor does it sell Ibra out from under him or his son, and it gives his future grandchildren a unified Chalion-Ibra without a single life being wasted. The Fox does have a soft spot!

Paladin of Souls

  • Ista picks up enough fragmented information in the first half of the book to expect the tale of Arhys and Illvin to be one of envy, betrayal, and fratricide. What she sees when she gets them coherent in the same room at the same time is a joyful reunion between two devoted brothers.
  • Ista and Arhys exchanging blessings just before Arhys sets out on his last ride. Also qualifies as a tearjerker.


The Hallowed Hunt

Ingrey: [despairingly] I don't know what side I'm on. All walls seem to spin away from me. [pause for internal monologue]. You are my side. And you are not alone.
Ijada: Then... neither are you.
Ingrey: [stunned] Sweet logician. [kisses her]

  • Ingrey and Ijada's marriage, in the middle of a funeral, with the spirit of the last dead man smiling with approval and standing as one of the witnesses.

Penric's Demon

  • Penric's prayer to the Bastard, pleading for Desdemona's continued existance.
    Penric: Lord God Bastard, Mother’s Son, Fifth and White. Please spare Desdemona. She’s a good demon.
  • Also Desdemona's reaction, afterwards.
    Desdemona: You looked a god in the eyes. And spoke for me. There is nothing in my power that I will ever refuse you, after that.

Penric and the Shaman

  • Oswyl's postscript in his letter to Penric, at the end of the story - especially given how Oswyl at first considered Desdemona to be an unnatural, dangerous thing, rather than a person.
    Oswyl: (writing in the postscript) I am not sure how demons feel about blessings, so please just give my best wishes to Desdemona.

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