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YMMV / World of the Five Gods

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  • Complete Monster: Dondo dy Jironal from The Curse of Chalion is the evil younger brother of Martou, is a spoiled, corrupt nobleman, who has no compunction using his position to take advantage of those beneath him or to avenge slights against him. Dondo was responsible for the hero Cazaril being sold into brutal slavery, an experience that left him broken and despondent, while also taking advantage of his position to sexually abuse women. Having at one point convinced Chalion's impotent ruler to allow Dondo to try to get a child from his wife, Dondo raped her and humiliated her for a full year before she threatened suicide over the affair. When he manages to convince the ruler to betroth Dondo to his sister, Dondo gleefully describes to her how he plans to rape and abuse her all he wants.
  • The Woobie / Iron Woobie:
    • Cazaril, practically from page one, to the point that whenever "his ladies" fuss over him it becomes a CMOH.
    • Arhys, in Paladin. He is already dead, and doomed to possess a slowly-decaying corpse until he becomes a lost soul drifting to oblivion, and his history is one long "Well Done, Son!" Guy story right up until his father was declared a traitor to cover up an attempt to break the Golden General's curse upon Chalion, killing forever any fantasies about a happy reunion and shaming the family for decades.


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