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  • How's the fact that someone can potentially HARNESS LIGHTNING?!?! Tory gets to try out a stunt suit that makes him able to manipulate electricity. While it's costly, it is still a Thor-level amount of awesome.
  • Three scammers being able to win millions in baccarat with incredible ease, and security at first can't stop them since they don't know how they did it. This is a very impressive scam from them.
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  • GRANT BUILDS A HOVERBOARD! Yeah it looks like a helicopter-like device instead of a hovering skateboard, but it's still awesome, and it actually works!
  • Any time they're able to accurately reproduce old or obscure technology. Specific CMOA's can go to Tory & co. building a makeshift hot air balloon in the great escapes episode and him building a miniature phonograph in "Ahead of Its Time?"
  • Tory recreating a balloon that two families used to escape East Germany. Yes, that actually happened, and Tory showcases just how risky it was.

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