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Nightmare Fuel / White Rabbit Project

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  • An animal activist's worst nightmare had to be the WWII weapons of the Bat Bomb and the Pigdeon Missile, where live animals either steered a very powerful warhead or a bunch of flying rodents turning many houses to cinders. Just the idea of animals being put through this is harsh, and especially terriying in that these plans WORKED.
  • "The Carbanak Gang" legend of the "Heist" episode is equally creepy. Even worse in the fact that none of these malevolent black hats have ever been caught. Also doubles as Paranoia Fuel for any bank employees watching- after this, there's no way bank employees would take any e-mail messages they receive for granted.
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  • Equally terrifying was the "Too Smart Tech" dramatization in the "Tech We Love to Hate" episode, with technology and government dictating how people should eat, what people should watch and how people should live.

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