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  • Fridge horror aside, seeing Kari use semi-mind control on Tory is hilarious when she is trolling him throughout the meal. She makes him spill his drink (multiple times), sling spaghetti around, continually drop silverware, and mush food against his own face.
    Kari (crying with laughter): I love my job so much!
  • Hitler doing a Maria, aping The Sound of Music's opening sequence in the "Crazy WW2 Weapons" episode is equally funny, especially for those who enjoy those Der Untergang Gag Subs.
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  • How anyone fell for a guy who looked nothing like his wife could escape is one thing...but the Epic Fail factor of it only taking 15 minutes to catch him.
  • Any time Grant goes into full Mad Scientist mode. Specifically, laughing maniacally while freezing fruit in liquid nitrogen in "Superpower Tech" and setting fire to a printer in "Tech We Love to Hate".
  • Tory gets shocked in "Superpower Tech"
    Michael: Your [Faraday suit] probably has a hole in it or tore or something.
    Tory: What!? Are you trying to [bleep] kill me or what!? What the [bleep] are you guys doing down there!?
  • Bit of Hilarious in Hindsight: Kari spends a lot of time working with drones for it being one of her "Tech We Love to Hate" bits. Most notable is the "Crazy WW2 Weapons" episode where she's seeing if a pigeon can fly a drone to a target via pecking a touch-sensitive screen.

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