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There's a lot of potential for these moments in WWYD; here's just a few of them:

  • This clip, at around 5:10. Get Out!, indeed.
    • Later on, another guy steps it up by calling the cops to report a hate crime.
  • This clip is easily the most direct whistleblower on an affair between a groom and bridesmaid ever! Awesome to see.
  • This scenario focuses on a racist customer harassing a clerk for being Muslim. Only one of the marks shown echoes the man's views, and the last - a soldier from the US Army - delivers the most epic verbal smackdown against the bigot (who's wearing a "God Bless America" shirt).
    Racist Customer: Aren't you fighting these guys right now?
    Soldier: Nope. Right now, I'm just ordering a sandwich.
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  • This guy Doug hopped right into action in this scenario of a drugged drink. Also combines with Funny Moments due to the interactions with his wife who didn't believe him.
  • The guys who jumped into action to stop a girl from being kidnapped. Not only did they intervene, they called their buddy to bring their car around to block off the kidnapper's escape. Once he was trapped, they rushed him. The actor was genuinely scared out of his shit and had to shout "It's TV!" before they stopped. Proof positive that chivalry is not dead.
  • One scenario focuses on a Christian counselor trying to help a gay teen "pray away the gay" in the middle of a crowded restaurant. One nearby customer doesn't take too kindly to this, to say the least...
    Counselor: You don't think we can fix it?
    Customer: No... I'm saying he's NOT BROKEN!
  • One scenario features an underage Mormon girl being forced into a polygamist marriage. The last woman physically pulls the girl away from the other actors in the scenario, saying she'll give the girl a room at her home if she has to.


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