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For a usually dead-serious sociological experiment show, there are a few genuinely funny moments...

  • Many reactions of shock, humor or disbelief when the scene is broken.
    • Sometimes just before that happens, the marks exhibit surprisingly ironic Genre Savvy, expecting John Quinones to come out at any time... and that's his cue!
  • The end of one clip, the child laborer actor hams it up as John Quinones himself! He's pretty good, too.
  • One of the setup elements for another clip: They made up an expensive-sounding winery - Chateau Jean-Qeaux !
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  • Mixing in with heartwarming, there was a moment when, in a scenario of a Muslim needing help with a flat tire, a pretty amazing guy stepped in to help.
    Quinones: (speaking into walkie-talkie to the actor) Offer him some money.
    Actor: (to Dominic) Dude, like, how much should I pay you for this? This is, like, huge, man.
    Dominic: Money? I accept love. I don't want your money, bro.
    Crew members: Awwwwwwwwwwwww!
    Random woman: Oh my goooood!


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