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  • The last third of the movie, which portrays the battle. Highlights include:
    • Napoleon greeting his troops just before the fighting starts to thunderous applause from just about every last one of his soldiers.
    • The Scots Grey's attack, complete with a visual Shout-Out to the famous painting depicting the charge.
    • Ney unleashing the French cavalry. Despite jumping the gun WAY too early, the sight of several thousand horses charging on screen is beyond amazing. Especially the fact it was done several decades before CGI.
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    • The Old Guard marching on the top of the ridge, with their Theme Music Power-Up La Victoire Est Nous blasting in the background.
  • "If you want to shoot your Emperor, well, here I am." Napoleon faces down an entire French army sent to apprehend him, and they join him instead, without a shot being fired.
    • And yes, this really did happen in the run up to the battle. In fact, it happened everywhere Napoleon went when he returned.
  • The last soldiers of Napoleon's Old Guard are faced with two choices: surrender, or die attempting to protect Napoleon's retreat from the battlefield. When called upon to surrender there's a moment of silence, and Cambronne then shouts his famous word, which he may or may not have said.
    • Moreover, the fact that the Guard actually managed to hold off BOTH allied armies long enough to buy time for the rest of the French army and Napoleon to flee.
  • Meta for Sergei Bondarchuk and the rest of the production crew: turning several hundred acres of Ukrainian farmland into a representation of the real battlefield, then assembling an army of 16,000 extras to play the soldiers, all in less than 30 weeks to create one of the most epic war movies in history.

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