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Awesome / The Punisher: Born

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"Um...hello? Hello buddy, you alright? Holy fuck!"

  • While his platoon are busy shooting blind, running for cover or shitting themselves during a Viet Cong surprise attack, Captain Castle stands tall, calmly asks for a Marine's M-60 and mows down the enemy force. PFC Goodwin says it best:
    "The war has bred a saying, oft-repeated: "Payback is a motherfucker." At Valley Forge we have another. "If you think payback's bad — you haven't met Frank Castle."
  • Finding one of his Marines raping a Viet Cong sniper, Castle's response is to shoot her in the head — to put her out of her misery, since there was nothing else he could do for her without losing the Marines' trust — and calmly explains, "No rape. We're here to kill the enemy. That is all." He later stalks the Marine in question and drowns him in the river with his boot as punishment.
  • Stevie Goodwin gets to have a very understated CMOA, when he finds out that Coltrane, the resident leech in his platoon, has once again been exploiting his buddy Angel's drug addiction, he decides to take matters into his own hands. So he decks Coltrane over the head with the butt of his M16-A1 rifle, and swears to his friend that he will help him keep off drugs for good.
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  • Finding that the firebase is on the verge of being overrun by an oncoming attack of hundreds upon hundreds of NVA and VC troops, Frank calmly keeps his cool and only replies with this:
    "Give me the sixty."
  • The Air Cavalry arrive in the aftermath of the assault to find everybody, the Americans and the NVA/VC, dead and Castle standing alone, with bloodshot eyes that give him a demonic cast, bleeding from several gunshot wounds, holding the remnants of a shattered M16 that he used to clobber half a dozen NVA soldiers that lay dead at his feet. It is made all the more awesome/frightening by the smoke behind him forming an absolutely demonic version of his trademark skull.

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