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Awesome / The Kite Runner

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  • Hassan defiantly pointing his slingshot to Assef when he and his buddies are about to hit Amir. Even Assef's friends cannot help to admire his bravery.
  • Baba standing up to the soldier who tries to extort sex from one of the female truck passengers, holding him off long enough for the commanding officer to intervene.
  • When Amir stands up for Sohrab in front of his father-in-law, basically telling him to shut up with a twinge of Papa Wolf. It's even better because he bluntly reveals his kinship with Sohrab and Hassan, a thing that even his father couldn't do.
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  • Sohrab pulling the slingshot on Assef and then hitting him in the eye. In the same eye Hassan threatened to hit all those years ago.
  • "What mission is that? Stoning adulterers? Raping children? Flogging women for wearing high heels? Massacring Hazaras? All in the name of Islam?" - as blurted out by a terrified Amir to Assef.

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