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Awesome / The Cole Protocol

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  • In the riots on Charybdis IX, Keyes, Watanabe and Hansen (an ONI operative) are holed up on the roof of a building, trying to hold back the mob. Jeffries dies when his Pelican is shot down, and Watanabe is mortally wounded by the local Insurrectionist leader. Keyes promptly offs the Insurrectionist, then shoves his maimed body off the roof to the rioters below:

    Keyes: "Listen up! Anyone else tries storming the roof, I'll blow their damn heads off too. ... Now, UNSC marines are about to arrive any second. If I were you, I wouldn't want to be standing around here in plain sight, lest they get the mistaken impression you're hostile, and act accordingly."

    • Followed promptly by the ODSTs completing an orbital drop right onto the roof of said building, sniping all the local Insurrectionists that possess anti-air weapons, and bringing in another Pelican for retrieval.
  • Turning the Rubble against the Covenant by using the asteroids to bomb Metisette.


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