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  • While some viewers may love it or hate it, it contains a scene none of the other magical/gimmicks shows really did. In one ep, the family uses Vicki in a scheme to try and get their ultra-nosey neighbors to move away! Samantha never did this to Mrs. Kravitz; Jeannie never pulled this on the various officers haunting Tony. This may or may not have been the one and only instance in the history of these shows where the protagonists just tried to get rid of their plot-burden. Naturally, since Status Quo Is God, it didn't work, but to see it even tried was just cool.
    • To expand a bit further - the plan actually did work, and they successfully convinced the Brindles to quickly sell up and move away by pretending geological surveys were being carried out to determine seismic instability in the area, but then the new neighbours turned up who were a heavy metal band and were even worse neighbours than the Brindles. So they then pulled a second scam to get the Brindles to cancel the sale by convincing them that the geologic surveys had actually discovered oil under their properties. This scam also succeeded and the sale was cancelled, the Brindles were back, and status quo was once again god.

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