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  • Mixed with Heartwarming Moments; In my opinion it is when Attelus finally faces his fear and turns to defend the club goers against a rampaging Arcoflagellent, fully prepared to sacrifice himself to save them.
  • Or when Attelus despite taking one hell of a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown by the invisible Mimic manages to tell where it is by seeing his blood, on it's fists then proceeds to smash a bottle over it's head
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  • When Garrakson straight away sees right through Attelus' hastily planned Batman Gambit, resulting in an epic Oh, Crap! moment for Attelus.
  • Vex the little computer geek punching the fuck out of Attelus' face, both hurting and humiliating Attelus, but also showing just how arrogant Attelus can be.
  • Attelus and how he defeats Feuilt this despite being utterly, completely exhausted and beaten.


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