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  • Medusa's Dare to Be Badass speech to Flint in issue 2:
    Medusa: Flint. What did you come out here to find?
    Flint: What?
    Medusa: You've never really belonged, have you? Not with us, no in Minnesota, nor in Utolan. You've never felt at home. And people keep on dying on you, or turning you away. Abandoning you.
    Gorgon: Oof. That's a little inappropriate.
    Flint: You think?
    Medusa: But that is what it means to be Inhuman. The Kree created us as tools - then cast us aside when they feared we might challenge them. We were left behind - neither of Earth nor of the stars. Outsiders.
    Gorgon: The guns aren't stopping [the chitauri swarm].
    Medusa: Why did we cling so tight to terrigen when we had it? What did it show us? What are we forever seeking? Only ourselves. And when we find ourselves - when we know ourselves, through our gifts - we can find each other. And find that place where we belong.
    • And then she tells him to look up, at Pluto. And pick it up. With some difficult, he manages to do so. Cue the attacking Chitauri being dragged off the ship.
  • The team's fight against a Progenitor in Issue 10:
    • Despite being injured by it, Crystal manages to break up it's laser using the moisture in the air, allowing the team to come up with a plan to stop it.
    • Maximus and Swain combined their powers of the mind and end up killing it.
  • Swain touches the Prima Materia, unlocking the full extent of her powers and making three Progenitors attack and destroy each other.
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  • Gorgon's Heroic Sacrifice has him holding off dozens of Progenitors by touching the Prima Materia and using his Shockwave Stomp to shatter the planet as the rest escapes.
    Gorgon I am Gorgon —- Gorgon of the House of Petragon! And—nnh—I—made—a promise! To never stop! Though the world ends around me—I will never stop fighting! Never! Do you hear me monsters? I will never—stop—
  • In issue 12, The Last Accuser's final stand against the Progenitors to recover a shard of Primagem for Maximus to send a warning back to his past self.
    The Last Accuser There was music here once. Diamonds made of sound created in thoughtspace. A form of music unique to this planet. You destroyed the planet. Destroyed the music. But I remember. I remember the drums. Listen! Listen to them!
  • Medusa giving a hell of a Badass Boast to close the series on.
    Medusa If they're coming for us? We come for them first. If we can't fight...we cheat. The Progenitors are not our gods. They are not our masters. They are the enemy of the Inhuman people and I will lay my judgment upon them!

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