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Rowan of Rin

Rowan and the Travellers

  • Rowan saving Zeel's life in the Pit of Unrin.

Rowan and the Keeper of the Crystal

  • Doss sinks the Zebak invasion fleet singlehandedly, using the power of the Crystal.

Rowan and the Zebak

  • Zeel at one point in Rowan and the Zebak goes exploring through the maze in the Zebak city she, Allun, Rowan and Perlain are hiding in. She finds the guards' room, disguises herself as a Zebak guard and hides. Then, when her companions come looking for her and are momentarily captured by true Zebak guards, Zeel jumps out of hiding and fools the Zebak into believing that she is a real guard so that she can save her friends from them and lead them to the slaves' quarters, where Annad is being kept. Zeel even fools Allun, Rowan and Perlain with her act, who all believe that she has changed sides and betrayed them. She manages to keep up the act for the entire time, up until she makes the mistake of asking for a key which a guard of Central Control (which she claims to be) would certainly have. Aside from that, Zeel's disguise and act is what allows the heroes to find Annad quickly and makes the prophetic rhyme come true.

Rowan of the Bukshah

  • Everything to do with the Mountain's final secret and its reveal.

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