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Fridge Brilliance

  • At first, it would seem like the end of Rowan and the Bukshah was abrupt and unsatisfying, having not tied up loose ends (like the love dodecahedron between Rowan, Zeel, Shaaran and Norris, and what happened with Marlie and Allun's child) like a series finale usually would. However, if you think of the story as not just Rowan's but the entire people of Rin's, it makes perfect sense that the ending is this way. Though the reader never gets a clear-cut 'happy ending' for Rowan and his friends specifically, the people of Rin get one as a whole, for now that they've discovered the truth about their history and who they are, they can leave it all behind them and continue to rebuild and live their lives. And what's so brilliant is that it's continuously foreshadowed throughout the books.

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