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Awesome / Pitch (2016)

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The Interim

  • Mike has finally had it with the pointless testosterone throwing in the locker room and verbally kicks the team's asses, reminding them he's seen Ginny put in more effort and work than they have, and exhorts them to pull together to win games.
  • Ginny gets on Jimmy Kimmel and instead of discussing decorating tips, she lets fly with a very topical cannonball:
    Ginny: A woman's not responsible for her own sexual assault because she went in the "wrong" locker room. That's not only wrong; it's dangerous. We don't need to make sure that every girl goes in the "right" room. We need to make sure every boy knows it's wrong to rape.
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  • A flashback reveals that Ginny's agent Amelia Slater, in the aftermath of a sudden breakup of her marriage and fed up with banal movie-making ideas that involved reworking them over and over with prequels and sequels, quit her job within thirty seconds of seeing Ginny play in the minor leagues and went to go sign her up.


  • Ginny purposely pitches a ball straight at the opposing team's pitcher to get payback for his fouls against Blip and Tommynote .
  • Realizing the opposing pitcher is refusing to "pay her back" for the hit because she's a woman, Ginny strides up to him and yells about how he thinks she can't take it. The catcher (who happens to be an ex-boyfriend) gets in her way with Ginny shoving him and daring him to hit back. At which point Miller races over to tackle the catcher and in seconds, a full-scale bench-clearing brawl kicks off.
    • Ginny and Miller are both ejected and walk off together, sharing a fist bump of respect.
  • Al cleverly goes over Frank's head to Maxine and convinces her to overrule Frank, then casually puts Oscar in his place about usurping his duties by proving he speaks fluent Korean when discussing with Woo-jin his new place in the team lineup.
    Al Luongo: People who underestimate me tend to be surprised.
    • Al manages to get the meeting with Maxine set by turning the simple act of showing the player card to the umpire into a major argument that so riles the ump up that he ejects Al from the game before it even starts. Al then goes to the locker room, changes and has the attendant prepare a lavish meal just in time for Maxine to arrive.

The Break

  • Ginny gets tapped to join the All-Stars team.
  • Mike manages to make a go of being a game commentator, after initially fumbling during the rehearsal.
  • Oscar manages to sign a promising Cuban baseball player by finding a point of commonality between them, and explaining the mistakes he'd made and how San Diego's team would give him better people to be around.

San Francisco

  • Ginny gets pulled in at the last minute after being benched for a game (due to some concerns over her actions in the previous episode), and with Livan's aid makes a pitch, along with Mike Lawson's first-base catch, that lets the Padres keep their 11-10 win.
  • Ginny manages to blunt the impact of the release of her old selfies by getting a sponsored baseball-themed nearly-nude photo shoot. It crosses over into heartwarming territory as her male teammates also agree to have their pictures taken with various poses for the same magazine's photo spread.
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  • Mike steps in as Duante's 'translator' to talk to reporters on his behalf when in reality, Duante speaks perfect English and is just being disruptive. Mike proceeds to give a Reason You Suck speech directed at Duante veiled as a diplomatic prepared response from Duante to the press.
  • Amelia gets into an argument with Oscar:
    Amelia: A whole generation of boys look up to male athletes with far worse on their phone, and nobody gives a crap about that, Oscar!
    Oscar: You're right. It's unfair. Women are objectified in ways that men aren't. But that's our reality, and this is gonna be a disaster for all of us.
    Amelia: Thank you for mansplaining that to me. [softly] Always wanted to use that word.

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