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Headscratchers / Pitch (2016)

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  • Why is Ginny even making an issue of Mike seeing Amelia? She knows both of them pretty well by now.
    • She's got a lot of trust issues - particularly because Amelia and Mike are parental substitutes for her and look how well that ended with her real parents. And then look at what happened to most of her friends and relationships we've seen so far. One hid that he was possibly going into the minors despite saying he was leaving the game and promising her he was. The other, while innocent himself, was the son of the guy who killed her father. And the trend is consistent even in adulthood - she made friends with Tommy only for him to be traded. It might be more the secrecy and her desire to hold on to them coupled with a fear that they might focus more on each other than the relationship itself. This doesn't put her in the right, to be sure, but it might at least explain it.
      • Having seen a few more episodes, it definitely seems like trust and fear issues. She's so caught up in proving herself, in not getting 'found out', in hiding weakness, and a major case of imposter syndrome. She's lashing out at Mike and Amelia because she's worried they'll expose her - her 'secrets', her self-perceived lack of aptitude, her flaws. Not only that, but every time she's been 'distracted' by non-baseball (ie life), something bad happened. She made a friend, her dad got killed. She choose to go to a dance, she finds her mother cheating. And on top of all that, her entire life has been forcefully devoted to "All about you!" - she's never been able to or even taught how to indulge in other people's happiness. It takes Evelyn and Blip's children to bring that out in her and that's probably more Freudian Excuse than anything else.
      • It also seems like Ameila's protectiveness is interpreted by Ginny as the same kind of dominating figure as her father.
      • And of course, Ginny has feelings for Mike on multiple levels - as a fan, as a teammate/team leader, and most importantly for this headscratcher, as a love interest.
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  • Also, why has Ginny not told Amelia that there have been times when her "advice" legitimately sucked? Amelia has a habit of imagining that Hollywood negotiating tactics can always work in major league baseball, and on at least one occasion this got Ginny in hot water with Oscar. Yet, as far as the show seems to be concerned, Ginny has Informed Wrongness and Amelia dumping on Ginny and not even just telling her straight up that her brother was sniffing around for money to pay off loan sharks is apparently fully justified.

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