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Heartwarming / Pitch (2016)

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  • Al publicly congratulates Buck, the substitute coach, for overseeing the Padres' game win, and gifts him with an expensive bottle of champagne.
  • Miller gets several this episode with Ginny, especially since he's been one her biggest critics, in part for her being female, in part because they're competing for the same job. He gives Ginny a smile and look of respect after she beans the pitcher that injured him. Later, he's the first person support her when she asks to bat against potential retaliation and is also the first to charge the field when Ginny starts a fight. And after the fight, offers her a fist bump.

The Break

  • A fantastic video has fans pushing MLB to name Ginny to the All-Star team with adults, kids and more of all ages urging "#Putherinthegame."
  • Ginny is at first unsure of accepting the honor, thinking she doesn't deserve it. Al gives her a pep talk by saying how he'd pursued a woman over and over and she finally said yes just to stop him. From that "pity date" came 41 years of happy marriage and Al tells Ginny "take the pity date."


Wear It

  • Cara, the waitress at the big Nike event, is perceptive enough to notice Ginny is under high pressure, and lets Ginny tag along to a house party. Later, When Ginny has some unguarded moments about not wanting to go back to the grind of major league baseball during a video Cara took of the two of them, she contacts Ginny's manager and relays her the video rather than taking advantage of it for Internet fame.
    • Al gets points for looking on the verge of tears when Ginny denies the above and insisting that she needs to admit it.

San Francisco

  • Al benches Ginny for a game for strategic reasons (it would let their number 1 pitcher pitch against a tough opponent). Ginny bristles against this. When Al notices this and realizes that baseball is literally the only thing in her life, his reaction is to insist she enjoy the day off... by having dinner with him where baseball is off the table.

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