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WARNING: Spoilers Off applies to Nightmare Fuel pages.

  • "I'm not your FUCKING MOMMY!"
  • The scene where Kate, after Esther gets away with trying to suffocate Danny, walks up to a rather nonchalant Esther in the middle of a busy hospital and smacks her in the face.
    • Really, it's Esther's CMOA, since Kate is immediately restrained by orderlies afterwards and her hysterical attack turns everyone, even her own husband, against her. Esther's pulling all the strings.
  • When cute little Max tackles Esther to the ground before she can manage to bash Danny's head in with a large rock, after nearly burning him with the treehouse. Then the look Max gives before Kate arrives on scene, clearly says: "Not this time!"
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  • Esther threatening Daniel:
  • Max bravely picking up the gun to save Kate from Esther. While she misses the intended target (Esther), Kate's life is saved when the bullet hits the ice and sends both into the freezing water, giving her a chance to get away and then deliver the above iconic line before finishing her off once and for all.
  • Isabelle Fuhrman's performance in the film. She was 11 years old during filming, and she gave one of the most chilling, memorable and downright insane performances that anyone could give in such a role, and became an iconic horror boogeyman basically overnight. She also had some audiences fooled into thinking she really was an adult woman who looked very young the way her character was, but no, she was actually just a kid.