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  • In Toranosuke's route, a fire breaks out at the new flagship store only two days before its scheduled opening. Rather than give in and accept a delay in the opening, the New Business team flies into action, first convincing the board of directors to let them keep to the original schedule with a barrage of data regarding how they can pull it off and the costs of a delay, as well as some outright pleading. Once that's accomplished, they pull strings, call in favors, and as a group descend on the building to personally help the construction crew repair the damage. The project foreman, despite having previously butted heads with Toranosuke, goes the extra mile and brings in a crowd of about 200 people to help, and although it takes two days straight of working around the clock with basically no sleep, they manage to get everything fixed up, moved in, and set up just in time for the opening, which is a smashing success.
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  • In Toranosuke's sequel, the protagonist gets to show off how far she's come. Rather than simply accept that a project she and Toranosuke had been working on has been axed in favour of a more prestigious one, the protagonist secretly finishes the proposal in her own time, with the aid of other Infinite employees and the designer they had been working with. Then she sneaks the finished proposal in with the material for the new project, and makes an unscheduled presentation to the company directors before Goda and Toranosuke can stop her. It's a beautiful Refuge in Audacity moment.
  • On his main route, Shingo is accused of leaking company secrets to the competition. In response, the protagonist throws deference to the wind (a big no-no in Japanese office culture) and calls the directors out on accusing an employee without any actual evidence of wrongdoing. Then the other guys step in to back her up in defense of Shingo, with Goda leading the charge. Later in the route, the situation escalates and Shingo actually gets transferred out of New Business. Once again, the other guys immediately speak up in his defense, corporate hierarchy be damned - and when their protests fall on deaf ears, they set out to catch the real mole in the act and prove Shingo's innocence themselves.
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  • A small moment during Shota's route: During Episode 8, Goda is on the phone trying to get help after the Mt. Blue server was hacked. He starts calling overseas and needs translation help, but the usual translator is out sick. So Goda asks Shota to get on the phone. Shota, who has been raised in many European countries before coming to Japan, takes the phone and starts fluently speaking in several different languages to numerous people. During the call, everyone in the office comments on how impressive Shota's multi-language skills are.

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