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  • Every time the guys of the New Business team - a collection of handsome, powerful, well-educated and sharp-dressed men, the cream of their industry - start gushing over clothes like a bunch of enthusiastic teenage girls, it's utterly priceless. Especially on Junya's route, in which their project centers around bridal gowns, and on Shingo's, where it's fashion lingerie.
  • In Ryoma's route of the "Summer Vacation" side story, he and the protagonist attend a summer festival in her neighborhood, only to realize that Shingo, who lives in the area, is there as well. Cool, classy Ryoma doesn't miss a beat - he grabs a mask from a nearby vendor and puts it on to hide his face. The hilarious part is that the mask is added to his sprite, causing him to spend the rest of the scene acting as though nothing is out of the ordinary with a completely ridiculous-looking bright green kappa mask hanging off the side of his head.
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  • At the end of Goda's route, the cast attend a party to celebrate the grand opening of Infinite's New York store. Cue Shota and Koji being swarmed by women who declare them adorable, with the other guys left watching in disbelief from the sidelines. The hilarity is compounded later in the evening when a mildy shellshocked Shota and Koji pretty much come running back to their co-workers for protection from the attentions of forward Western women.
  • Goda's route used to open with an unintentional one. Goda is assigning tasks for the latest project in the New Business department, and the protagonist notes that he's very easygoing, to the point of nicknaming everyone in the departments (except Ryoma). The protagonist even wonders if Goda knows their names. The nicknames are amusing enough (Shingo is "math whiz", Junya is "pretty boy", and so on), but what elevates the scene to unintentional hilarity is when he turns to the protagonist. In the original release of his route, an error in the translation rendered the chosen name for the protagonist as "[USER_FIRST_NAME", confirming her fear that he doesn't know their names. This was fixed in a later update, but the error has been recorded by many for posterity.
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  • At the end of Ryoma's sequel, he and the protagonist finally get a moment alone together after being apart for almost the entire route. It's a sweet, emotional moment... until the new store launch event going on downstairs erupts into cheering. Only then do the two of them realize that Ryoma's lapel microphone is still broadcasting, and Kerry Wang is gleefully making their reunion part of the event.