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  • Samus and Lana are arrested and sentenced to prison under false charges and a Kangaroo Court with Ridley having replaced the judge. Samus single-handedly engineers their escape while Lana works to improve the living conditions for the other prisoners.
  • Mario single-handedly storms Bowser's castle, defeats all his minions, captures Bowser, and rescues Toad. While sleepwalking.
  • Kevin going on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge and becoming a One-Man Army with Lana's rod in one comic story where he believed she had been trapped inside of Mother Brain's "Happiness Zone" forever. He breaks through the enemy ranks and begins to attack Mother Brain directly. He's about one strike away from shattering her jar before she reveals it had been an illusion and returns Lana, followed by a very hasty retreat.
    Samus: [before Mother Brain's army is set to attack] I found the princess's rod. What should we do with it?
    Kevin: Give it to me.

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