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  • Gerry chewing out the misogynistic Fred Blackledge, in a magnificent "Reason You Suck" Speech, in "Left Field". Considering that he was reading the man's books and agreeing with many of the points. Sandra approved.
    • In the beginning of the same episode, Sandra chasing down some skinheads in her car, and then arresting them, simply because they accidentally egged her freshly cleaned jacket.
  • In the Series 6 episode 'Meat Is Murder' the team meet Gerry's extended family in Smithfield Market at first the two main cousins Sid and Barry come across as a Plucky Comic Relief Those Two Guys duo until the reveal that them their father and Gerry's father Norman along with other stallholders delivered an No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on a loan shark who had threatened Gerry
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  • Danny effortlessly hands the ass of a much larger teenager in the series 11 opener.
  • Small, but in Nine Lives when the investment banker confesses to having a mental breakdown, Gerry is quick to tell him he isn't weak.
  • Also, all Brian and Esther bits in Old and Cold. Brian really does care about her.


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