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Awesome / Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm

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  • The Shukaku boss battle, full stop.
    • First there's the start, with Shukaku cocooning Naruto with sand, and gloating that he'll kiil all of Naruto's friends. Cue Naruto vowing to protect them no matter what, and breaking out of the sand with a big burst of chakra.
    • Second, the fact that Naruto doesn't summon Gamabunta until the end of the battle. Yes, you read that right; He takes on a gigantic Eldritch Abomination made of sand singlehandedly.
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    • Third, the first QTE, which has Naruto slamming Shukaku's arm to the ground with his shadow clones, sprinting up it and taking out everything Shukaku attacks him with, before jumping off him and giving Gaara the ultimate Wake Up Punch. Followed by Gaara yelling "DON'T UNDERESTIMATE ME!!!" and coldly saying that he won't disappear.
    • Fourth, the second QTE, where Naruto summons Gamabunta, who meets Shukaku's wind bullet with his own water bullet, before charging him. Naruto then leaps at Gaara, who traps him in a ball of sand, only for Naruto break out with another blast of chakra, before flying right through Shukaku's wind blast, grabbing Gaara and headbutting him.