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  • Drakensis' Lovehammer stories focus on Angron. It would be tempting to say that all he does is a crowning moment of awesome, but let us settle for Chapter 13: Question of Identity VI.
    "This is how I refuse."
  • The final fight between the Deamon Tazabdulog and Trygg.
  • Old man Ruith's introduction to the Imperium. Where he manages to piss off Mortarion, his Astartes, Sailor Morta, and several Imperial guard regiments as he runs around as a deliberate distraction. Oh and he steals a commissonar's hat for his own personal use in the process. AND manages to get away unscathed.
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  • The sheer epicness of the fight scene between Huron Blackheart and The Captain in The Scattering of Serenity.

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