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Awesome / Incarnations of Immortality

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  • Moment of Awesome: For each book.
    • On A Pale Horse: Thanatos releases an entire hospital wing of invalid patients that were being kept alive against their will. "Death shall not be denied!" Similarly, his gathering the rock band and the gospel-singing choir girl to sing "Holy Holy Holy" for the nursing home resident. When he realizes that his powers still work even without his cloak and scythe, and proceeds to kick the crap out of Satan's goons and rescue Luna. Satan makes one final attempt to stop them, but Thanatos, unarmed and uncloaked, demonstrates that his power works on Satan himself, forcing him to withdraw.
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    • Bearing An Hourglass: Chronos takes his power to the limit, and sees The Big Bang, The Big Crunch, and beyond. Then, he forces Satan to experience the horrors of Merlin Sickness in a nice Shut Up, Hannibal! moment.
    • With A Tangled Skein: Cedric beating up the thugs about to rape Niobe. Niobe (as a mortal) driving through a minefield on a motorcycle, several times. Mars taking Samurai's entire dojo to school, even though he let each of them know what move he would do in advance. Satan tricking Fate into wasting their time tracking down four people, when the list really had hundreds. Atropos taking out a harpy with a broom. Niobe getting through a maze of illusions and monsters and solving the Twelve Coins Puzzle.
    • Wielding A Red Sword: Satan tricking Mars into Hell. Mars organizing a mass breakout of Hell. And succeeding. Mars threatening to start World War III and the Apocalypse early to force Satan to surrender his scheme. And give him Lilah.
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    • Being A Green Mother: Satan singing Amazing Freaking Grace and exploding.
    • For Love Of Evil: Parry killing Lucifer, the then-current Incarnation of Evil and taking his place. Satan defeating his replacement and getting his job back.
      • And an acknowledgment from Gabriel that Perry is one of the most dangerous people to hold the Office of Evil: he didn't become Drunk with Power, which means he can actually keep to his long term plans to amass power and influence....
    • And Eternity: Every time Orlene passed the Incarnations' Secret Test of Character. Nicolai figuring out how to reduce the death toll from a terrorist attack to six, when Fate calculated it would be fifteen. Orlene, Jolie, Roque Scott, and Vita having an excellent debate on Creationism versus Evolution, with Vita the prostitute displaying her intelligence. Orlene becoming Goddess, the Incarnation of Good.


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