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Awesome / I Know What You Did Last Summer

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  • The chase scene where the killer goes after Helen. She's locked in the back of a police car but kicks the window out to escape before he can reach her and repeatedly fights back or gets away again the next three times he corners her while defiantly hitting back when he does finally intercept her escape efforts. The sequence is a Signature Scene for a reason.
  • After briefly being suspected of being the killer, Ray rescues Julie from the real one, Ben Willis. Ben takes Julie onto his boat and begins to sail out to sea, whilst Ray drives a motor boat after them and manages to climb aboard using the fishing net. Ray fights the killer unarmed, even though the killer is still wielding a meathook, and is eventually knocked off the board. That doesn't stop him. Ray just climbs back aboard and continues the fight until Ben's hand gets caught in the ropes and Ben is pulled over the pulley, catapulting him in the sea and severing his hand. Talk about Hoist by His Own Petard.