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  • Tracy getting on the Corny Collins show in the 2007 film. What makes it more awesome is Edna & Wilbur’s reactions.
  • The fact that the black dancers were willing to march against the discrimination they were facing, KNOWING it would get them arrested. Also, the fact that Tracy was willing to give up her spot as a dancer just to support what she felt was right.
    • In a deleted scene, Edna is released from police custody, but she’s greatly upset when she sees Maybelle and the rest of the protesters being arrested. Rather than walk away, Edna demands that the police officer apologize and let the protesters go. His response? Cuffing her and loading her in with the protesters. Her response? Smiling for standing up for the protesters.
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  • It may have been a stupid thing to do, but Tracy gets one when she hits the policeman with her sign. Tracy isn't someone you should push around.
  • All the heroes get one in the finale:
    • Tracy giving Amber a musical beatdown.
    • Link inviting Inez onstage and dancing with her. What makes it more awesome was that he risked his spot on the Corny Collins show to do it. (It's also implied that he did this to make up for not marching with Tracy and the other black dancers the other day.)
      • More about Inez — It's amazing when she's dancing by herself. While it may not seem like much, take it into consideration that Inez is only about 12 or 13, and yet she manages to hold her own against dancers who're easily three to six years older than she is—and she manages to actually win the title of "Miss Teenage Hairspray."
      • Not to mention she wins by a landslide despite Velma stuffing the ballot boxes in an attempt to get Amber to win.
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    • Edna getting onstage and performing. The fact that she was insecure at first and afraid of leaving her house because of her weight and she was willing to dance on national TV with millions of viewers watching — now that was AWESOME. "If you don't like the way I look, well I just don't give a damn!" indeed. Bonus points with Inez and Tracy joining her.
    • The black dancers finally mixing with the whites at the end.
    • In the stage show, even the Von Tussles get in on the act.
      • And in the 2007 film, Amber moves on, showing interest in one of the black dancers (the two can be seen flirting and teaching each other dance moves in the background at one point) and telling Velma "I lost, Mom! Let's just deal with it!" after Inez wins. In the theatrical version, she finally just looks at her mom and shrugs comically before joining in the dance, while in a deleted scene, she joins after letting her mom go to jail.
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    • Tracy and Link's kiss at the end of the 2007 film.
  • Hell, the fact that Tracy, Maybelle, and her dancers staged such an elaborate coup in the first place (with some help from Corny Collins, no less).
  • Corny Collins gets some props for being ready to swoop in and give everything Maybelle and Tracy had done the final push to get his show permanently integrated. Knowing Little Miss Inez Stubb's name and knowing the tiny rule that let her win shows his been waiting for a moment like this.
    • Him shutting Velma down and leading Maybelle onto stage counts too.
    Velma: Corny, do something! This show is turning to gumbo!
    Corny: Not a chance, Velma. This is the future.
    • The look on Maybelle's face in the 2007 movie as Corny leads her to the stage. "This is your time," he says, and her expression says "You bet it is."
  • In the 2007 film, Edna gets her revenge on Velma when Velma admits to Amber that she rigged the votes. Edna, Wilbur, and the camera man turn the camera on her and she tells Velma that she is on national TV, causing her to get fired.
  • Because of Tracy's return in the 1988 movie, The Corny Collins Show also got integrated, which also gave karma to Arvin Hodgepile, the president of the channel who refuses to make Corny's show integrated awhile back. And because Amber refused to leave because of Tracy's comeback, the bomb on Velma's fake wig blows off and landed on Amber's head, which in turn sends the Von Tussle parents getting arrested!
  • Jennifer Hudson's performance of I Know Where I've Been from NBC's live TV production. Many critics agree that this was the high point of the special and she pretty much stole the entire show.


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