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Awesome / G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

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  • The Battle with Accelerator Suits.
  • Snake Eyes vs Storm Shadow in their first meeting. An excellent fight between two children just beating the crap out of each other.
    • Yup. Every meeting of Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow is a Moment of Awesome.
    • Pretty much anything Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow do qualifies.
  • Duke facing off against Rex/Cobra Commander.
    Cobra Commander: You and what army, Duke?
    Duke: My army. (cue the hundreds of Joe SHARCs behind Duke's submarine)
  • The Joes' Big Damn Heroes scene in the beginning, started off by Snake Eyes leaping from the Joes' plane, and right into battle.
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  • Duke's minisub was being chased by 2 enemy minisubs. He was about to crash into a wall but he was able to pull up at the last moment causing minisub #1 to crash, then using the momentum to torpedo minisub #2
  • Snake Eyes is so epic that Storm Shadow had developed a "Snake Eyes just did something awesome" sense. It can be seen when Snake Eyes manages to destroy the missile heading for China.
    • Also when Snake Eyes appears to have been dropped into the road during the car chase in Paris.
    Baroness: He gave up.
    Storm Shadow: (holding up a finger) He never gives up.
    (cue their hummer getting hit by a train)
  • Ripcord's Big Damn Heroes moment... with a forklift.
  • Duke disabling the nanomites destroying Paris.
  • Cobra Commander gets a pretty damn big one, despite being captured and his organisation crushed. He wins.
  • Ripcord versus the warheads. Dóiteáin!


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