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  • The series finale. The series itself, really; how many television producers create a new show with the intent of saving the world?
  • The series opens with the theme tune, leads quickly into "Hip Hip Hooray", then shortly thereafter into "Follow Me." The show averages over one song of pure awesome per episode.
  • Gobo's song "Shine On, Shine On Me" at the end of the episode "The Day the Music Died." As the entire Rock goes dark and all the fraggles fall asleep but Gobo, the scene is very eerie, and the viewer can feel Gobo's despair. He starts the song slowly and apprehensively, but hope begins to build as the light (the Ditzies) return, the other fraggles start to wake and join in the rousing song.
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  • Jim Henson delivers the central philosophy of his life through his character Cantus: "Everything is important. Either that, or nothing is. I prefer the former."

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