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Awesome / Flowers in the Attic

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  • On the first night at the Foxworth Hall, the grandmother demands that the children be quiet. Four-year-old Carrie responds to this by walking calmly up to the Grandmother and screaming at the top of her lungs. What guts!
  • Cathy's final confrontation with her mother while Cory lies dying: "Goddamn you to hell, Momma, if you don't take him to a hospital!" She then goes on to threaten Momma right where it hurts most—the pocketbook—by saying that if Cory dies, she will go to the grandfather and have her mother disinherited ("And I'll be glad, glad, glad!")
    • Immediately following this, the grandmother earns a few redemptive awesome points by siding with Cathy to save Cory.
  • Lifetime's 2014 remake has Cathy and Chris getting revenge on Grandmother by locking her up in the attic's stairwell (she's claustrophobic), then repeating the words she has said to them: "God sees everything, and he will punish you for what you've done to us."

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