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  • How big was Elton in The '70s? He became the first performer to release an album that would debut at Number One on the Billboard magazine Albums Chart, Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy, in 1975. Surely, once you reach that height, there's only one way to go, right? Wrong! The follow-up album Rock of the Westies would repeat that success later in the year.
  • Not only the piano solo (and wild falsetto singing) in the 1980 Central Park concert, but the shots of audience members playing air piano solos while he played.
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  • Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. No comment.
  • His style is so iconic that it only takes a single chord to instantly identify who you're hearing. For proof, check out the teaser for Rocketman (2019) and ask yourself if that opening chord could possibly be anyone else.


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