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  • Anything from the end of Issola or Sethra Lavode has a really, really good chance of being epic.
  • Mellar's scheme for revenge in Jhereg leaves Vlad speechless with admiration when he finally figures it out. Vlad's own solution to the dilemma Mellar poses is pretty brilliant in itself.
  • Teldra, one of the very few people Vlad knows who has no combat skills whatsoever, manages to disrupt a Jenoine's concentration when none of Morrolan's or Aliera's Great Weapon attacks would suffice. By insulting it in its own language.
  • I forget the specific book, but: "My seconds will call upon you in the morning." (Scoff) "My seconds will call upon you in the ALLEY!"
    • That's in Jhereg, when Vlad is causing a distraction at Morrolan's party so his friends can begin putting his plan into action.
  • Sticks gets a Moment of Awesome in Teckla, double-tapping Herth's thugs with his clubs like he's playing two-handed Whack-A-Mole in a blistering attack worthy of Riddick.
  • "No matter how subtle the Jenoine, a knife between the shoulder blades will seriously cramp its style."
  • "Do you know, I believe I have bested a Jenoine in single combat." ("After saying this, she smiled sweetly, dropped to her knees, gave a sort of sigh, and pitched forward on her face.")
  • In Sethra Lavode, when Morrolan slaughters several villages of bloodthirsty raiders and kills their god singlehandedly.
  • The scene in The Phoenix Guards where Tazendra is complaining about only being outnumbered TWO HUNDRED TO ONE. Most dialogue from Tazendra, and Ibronka, and for that matter any Dzur comes across this way. These people complain about fighting when they aren't outnumbered!
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  • Zerika walking out of the Paths of the Dead with the Orb...Crowning in more ways than one.
  • The climax of Hawk. Vlad has spent the entire novel setting up an elaborate Xanatos Gambit by giving the Jhereg what looks like a perfect shot at killing him while setting up almost everything about the situation. He ends up getting the Jhereg council into a situation where the Empire will dismantle their organization and ruin them financially if he is killed, essentially blackmailing them into protecting him.
  • From Issola:
    I had the device in my fingers—a small, purple-blue stone, smooth as a pearl, which would act like the rendered goose fat that provides the basis of a good red pepper sauce.
    I held it up.
    [...]I reached into the stone, and into myself, and cut loose the moorings that held reality anchored to time that passes and the space that uses time [...]
    I suddenly had the attention of all four Jenoine.
    "Hi, there."


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