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Awesome / Dino Run

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  • The game plot itself. Several raptor-like dinos challenge the extra-terrestrial forces of nature themselves and possibly succeeding in the end, even if it's only temporary or at the cost of leaving their planet.
  • Surfing the smallest of boulders for an extended period of time. As a bonus, it may go faster than with the larger ones.
  • Managing to hitch a ride on numerous Pteranodon in a row.
  • Getting speed and strength boost at the same time during the point in which dino's stats are maxed out and just darting through everything. Red pterosaurs will be practically powerless to stop the dino (as long as glitches don't get in the way).
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  • A meta example: The game's sequel coming back into development in 2017 after a failed Kickstarter 4 years ago. This time in a campaign that will not be all-or-nothing.

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