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Fridge Brilliance

  • So there are these red pterosaurs and brown ones which drop boulders. Nasty, right? But there might be more to them than it seems. The player's dinosaur is collecting eggs, as in saving instead of eating them. But those pterosaurs don't see it that way; their eggs are seemingly being eaten amongst others. So they are out to stop you, the red ones at the cost of their own eyes. Barring this, they are pretty foolish as those eggs would be destroyed anyway by the cataclysm.
    • Actually, the red pterosaurs seem to be on fire, which may explain their behavior. They obviously are in unbereable pain and want to end it all by flying towards the destruction caused by the asteroid.
  • The player's dinosaur is the one that resembles a raptor. Even if there are already birds in this game, this is somewhat symbolic - to be visually similar to the dinosaurs that made it to the future Earth.
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  • So critters that you eat count as points. You are sort of saving them by granting them a death they are more used to (that is, if suffocation and digestion happens quick enough). Yeah, they might've lived in theory as they made it through the extinction, but, in this game, wall of doom plows through everything, even underground.

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