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  • Nev throwing Kidd Cole's phone into the sea was quite awesome. Considering that Kidd Cole was a con artist and ruined people's lives with the debts he left people he hired with.
  • An episode saw Nev and Max track down a girl named Tracey Barbie, who was making life a living hell for the young girl that contacted Nev and Max. Whilst looking for Tracy, Nev and Max spoke to a girl who was able deactivate Tracey's Facebook account. How? The girl catfished Tracey and convinced Tracey to give her Tracey's own email and password. The girl successfully shut down Tracey's page.
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  • The “Jen and Skylar” episode. Skylar was just a guy named Bryan and Bryan bluntly admitted that he has no romantic feelings for Jen and saw their relationship as a game to him. It’s pretty obvious that Nev and Max had heard enough.
    Bryan: I have no emotional feelings towards her. I could never have a romantic relationship with her.
    Max: Then why the fuck are we here?
    (Bryan explains why he talks to girls)
    Nev: You realize this makes you look like a huge asshole right?
    (Moments later)
    Nev: I don’t really give a fuck about you wanting to come clean and set the story straight about all the other girls you’re being a dick to. Why did I bring this awesome, amazing girl here for you to clear your conscience?
    Bryan: I was giving her the gift of talking to me.
    Max: You’re going to have a shallow, miserable existence and the world will think you’re a douche bag.
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  • Also crosses over as heartwarming, in season 2, Lauren was talking to a guy named Derek. And Derek actually turned out to be real, and for the hopeful actually talking to a real person is quite rare on the show.

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