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Tearjerker / Catfish: The TV Show

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In general, there is no episode that will leave a dry eye in the room. The hopeful finding out the person they have been talking to is not who they say they are and they just burst into tears. You can't help but feel sorry for them, considering they just poured their heart out to that person, only to learn that it isn't them.

Please note that there are spoilers below.

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     Season 1 
1x08: Tyler and Amanda
  • Tyler finding out that Amanda is actually a dude named named Aaron. He looks so distraught. And Aaron's story is quite sad too, he's gay and he said that he honestly didn't want to be gay, but he later accepted his sexuality.

     Season 2 
2x10: Ashley and Mike
  • It was revealed that Mike had died of a pulmonary embolism a month after the episode aired. One would feel for Ashley, because she had lost someone very close to her.
    • What makes this even sadder is that Ashley dies three years later.

     Season 3 

     Season 4 

     Season 5 

     Season 6 
6x12: Open Investigation
  • Shelly Cartier. She singlehandedly ruined Paris' and Chris' lives by Catfishing both of them. She posted Paris' naked pictures online and did it as Chris, who then got arrested for child pornography (At the time, Paris was not 18 yet) and Chris' reputation was ruined.
    • Nev and Max finally meet Shelly Cartier, who's life is/was quite sad. She never left her mother's house for twelve years just to take care of her sick mother, and her only connection to the outside was the Internet.
    • Shelly seemed to got what she deserved, and when she was in prison, she blamed Paris for her own wrongdoings, but then Shelly realised that it was her own fault, and at the end, Shelly said that she regretted everything she did to Paris and Chris.

     Untold Stories 

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