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Awesome / A Man's Dream Never Dies: A One Piece Quest

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  • The fight with Black Mask Sol.

  • The way Bart recruited Bonney and her crew.

  • Bart's fight against the Sea King Jim and its companion.

  • The Battle against Vice Admirals Doberman and Momonga.

  • Bart's first encounter with Magellan.Where he makes the Warden of Impel Down Flinch thanks to his Conqueror's Haki

  • Bart "testing out" his Devil Fruit. By nearly torching level 6 and melting seastone with but a fraction of his power. Bart didn't even know Seastone could melt.

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  • Bart and Ace vs Magellan and Shiliew.

  • Bart finding Soburin. The sword of the Pirate King himself and one of the 12 Supreme Grade Swords.

  • Hybrid Bart vs Venom Demon Magellan. The unleasging of Celestial Mirror which destroyed Venom Demon to Magallan's shock and Solar Strike which disintergrated Magallan and craved holes through ID's walls.

  • Bart & Ace vs Garp. Bart for the sake of his crew goes past his fear of Garp and hits Garp with Heavenly Wrath and Inferno's Will, the solar version of his Wrath and Will. The move is so powerful it blasts a hole into the sea that's 2 miles in diameter, destroying Impel Down and about 30 marine battleships. Garp was forced to tank the attack(which gave him his excuse to throw the fight) because a counter strong enough to overcome it could've killed Ace.


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