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Heartwarming / A Man's Dream Never Dies: A One Piece Quest

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  • Bart hugging Andrus and reassuring him, after rescuing the boy from his destroyed home island and being reminded of his own childhood trauma. This leads to Andrus becoming the cabin boy for the Black Suit Pirates and Bart's personal apprentice.

  • Bart and Barrett's reunion in Impel Down. Specifically, the part where Barrett reveals she handcrafted a suit for Bart. It was simultaneously the worst suit Bart had ever seen and the most beautiful thing Bart had ever seen.

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  • The Battle against Garp after Bart and Ace escape from Impel Down is surprisingly full of them. Garp lamenting on Bart and Ace being pirates rather than marines, Garp telling Bart he didn't believe he slaughtered two islands despite that being the official word of the World Government, Bart's love for his crew overwhelming his massive fear of Garp, and Garp taking Bart's last hit because a counter could've killed Ace.

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