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Analysis / Blacklight Retribution

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The merits of Hyper Reality Visor

Many of Blacklight Retribution players are, like other games, divided on whether mechanics needed fixing from movement system to gun-play and customization. But the HRV is very welcomed in the community.
  • It is very intuitive and accessible for everyone. HRV is an ability available to every players that can be further fine-tuned with headgear choices. (Though the experienced will say that there's no point in doing so.) All you need is one press of a button. This mechanic does a very good job of eliminating mini-map that forces the player to look at a particular part of the screen, delaying gameplay pace.
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  • It is a great way facilitate action. Long-term camping is prevented since players now constantly know where each other are. And since there is no range limit, player can quickly get an overview of current situation and commit to an act faster.
  • It creates mind-gaming. Following the point above, player will have to use more than firefight skill and situation awareness to win the battle. The HRV have a limited activation time and recharge rate, and weapons cannot be used while it is active, which can be exploited. Players will need to resort on good map knowledge and plain trickery to outmaneuver their opponents, since it can be assumed that the enemy knows their position at all times, including the usage of several HRV-preventing items that can be placed down, adding a unique tactical aspect rarely seen in other shooting games.


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