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  • Abridged Arena Array: 24/7 HeloDeck TDM server. Enough said.
    • Now 24/7 Metro...
  • Accidental Innuendo: Back then in closed beta the game would allows for things like a shotgun named "Extended Forceful Violator".
  • BFG: Compared to real world, guns in this game is kinda big. Evidently seen with the starting gun barrel.
  • Broken Base: The 200 HP build vs Bolt-Action Rifle debacle, oh lord. It's either crying for a nerf/buff or "Learn to headshot" retorted back and forth. Pray somebody doesn't mention the incendiary 200-damage BAR... Though it died down after later nerfs.
    • The usage of Datanodes, temporary and time-limited minor enhancements that you can equip 5 of them at a time to buff certain aspects of your character. Partly because you cannot choose what Datanodes to get and has to spend a lot of time grinding, which is unfair to newcomers. Most people just skip them entirely. And after major revival by Hardsuit Labs, this seems to be gone entirely.
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    • Onslaught Pack. Which is all of year one content up for buying, including items that can only be gained via randomized Chancepacks. Many veterans were not happy.
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome:
    • ASSAULT RIFLE. Yes, that starting receiver, due to very low recoil. Gets ridiculous during early-2018 patches, when it ends up with absolutely everyone using nothing but AR despite 49 damage cap enforced by Hardsuit Labs due to sheer accuracy intended for newcomers to the game.
    • Any players who can handle high recoil tends to gear their guns toward high damage output. This leads to damage-increasing muzzle or barrel getting widely used. Many use heavy stocks to compensate for resulting inaccuracy.
    • Break Guard armor set, we're looking at you. FoxCat-Break Guard combo even more so.
    • Female character model. Some blame this as one of the reason why competitive BLR never gained any real traction.
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    • If you're not using Light Machine Gun on Onslaught mode, you're doing it wrong.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • Every once in a while, the official forum will have several threads complaining about usage of incendiary ammo in bolt-action rifles. But the later nerf to 200 damage BARExplanation  and incendiary ammo itself force this to change.
    • Everyone agrees that the SWARM Rocket Launcher is overpowered. Good thing it stayed in weapon depot and only comes with 2 rockets.
    • One can say that Hardsuit is designed to be this. It takes quite a combined effort to take it down.
      • While the Hardsuit is certainly dangerous it's far from a game breaker. Every player starts with the ability to use the Stinger Rocket Launcher which costs 400 CP (which gets you two rockets, enough to destroy a full-health 'suit if you get direct hits 0with both), and a flamethrower which costs only 350 CP (one third of the cost of a hardsuit) and allows you to kill the pilot and steal the hardsuit without seriously damaging it. Likewise the hard suit is sluggish, does not allow zoom in and has no HRV; only the mildly reliable ping which is a gear item. Without support from teammates, a very skilled pilot, or completely clueless enemies... a Hardsuit is more or less just a bigger target and point sink.
      • Several Hardsuits on the otherhand... But that's the losing team's fault to begin with.
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    • Explosive Ammo used to be this. Not because it's ability but because of the ear-ripping sound they make. To drive this even further some douchbags slapped them on SMG/LMG prompting protests in official forum.
    • The Exploding Tomahawk currently holds this title. It can be thrown for direct range kills, can be used as melee weapon and can be detonated after being thrown to serve as 400 damage makeshift grenade; said detonation is manual, meaning it can even work as makeshift mine. All in one weapon. Not as bad now they removed the ability to detonate it in mid-air, at least.
    • Stun Shurikens will immobilize target on impact or on proximity trigger. And you throw three of them at once. Careful where you walk.
    • M4X. An assault rifle that fire faster than SMG and still retaining accuracy of a rifle. Forum-goers can smell the nerf coming. The only reason it hasn't dominate pubs yet is because Assault Rifle has better recoil pattern and range.
    • HRV Cloak. So much that PWE still not making it purchasable permanently with GP.
    • Burstfire Rifle used to be considered one because of near-perfect spread and recoil at all range.
    • Barricade in Metro can block half the map when placed correctly.
  • Goddamned Bats:
    • Active-Camo equipped speedbuilds with dedicated melee weapon running after you are common annoyances.
    • The rocket troopers in Onslaught mode. While the damage they can do are only decent, the amount of camera shake caused by rocket blast they make can be hard to deal with.
    • In early 2018 Toxic ammo was changed so that it prevents the victim from regenerating hit-points above 100, and there is no way to get rid of the debuff except dying. Needless to say, there were quite a few venting in player community.
  • Good Bad Bugs:
    • Assault Rifle is missing the trigger. Similar modeling oversights can also be seen in other places. Whether this is intentional or not remains a question.
    • Calling down Hardsuit at certain places in Vortex will get it stuck on the random unreachable ledges.
    • Some barrels' front post block your aiming-down-sights visibility. This bugs players to no end.
    • Every once in a while the server would revert names and loadouts of everybody in a match to default "Player". Cue everyone in a lobby accusing each other of hacking.
    • Bind both LMB and RMB to fire can increase Heavy Pistol's fire-rate to ridiculous level.
    • Evac update introduced The Flying Katana that flings you across the map at high-speed. The developers already fixed this.
  • Joke Item: Krane KAUR-XSi scope due to the nature of it's aiming "dial". Widely regarded as a joke of a scope. But as with many other things in Blacklight Retribution, some players managed to make it work.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • The Full Server. Explanation 
    • Jared's beard Explanation 
    • SOON Explanation 
    • Bulletproof railings Explanation 
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast:
    • One of the community pre-made weapons, the Burning Sensation SMG was this due to, at the time, overpowered afterburn damage.
    • Back then when Heavy Assault Rifle was recently released and broken, many players learn to dread the ArmCom DDx2 Hades, one of HAR pre-made that comes loaded with incendiary ammo, widely used as the receiver itself could only be brought with ZEN. High damage, overpowered accuracy and at the time nasty afterburn send many players to rage.
  • Necessary Drawback: There are many examples in BLR just as any other games. But an interesting example is EMI RiVAL-2 scope. It feature a low scope in time, good zoom (3.90x) and being an open scope means that it doesn't suffer temporary blackout delay. But it's slight white tint on your visual can make it hard to make enemies out of background, and it's position is too low that muzzle flash can block your view when firing your gun. Thus, it is rarely found outside of Bolt-action Rifles in the hands of veteran snipers or those who was just trying things out.
  • Schedule Slip: General lack of new content on PC version post-PlayStation 4 launch caused a lot of backlash in official forum.
    • One of Zombie Studios' developer claimed that PWE didn't carry out the updates for PC side Zombie Studios has sent out to them.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: The random weapons spread has been a subject of debate. One side says it makes killing an enemy more luck-based. But the other side says that if it weren't for min-max spread stat, the weapon component system would be meaningless.
    • Zombie changed this into more predictable recoil pattern for each receiver to encourage competitive play.
    • CHANCEPACKS. Full stop.
    • Spawning mechanic in small maps get some flack from time to time.
  • Scrappy Weapon:
    • Burst-Fire SMG and Tactical SMG to some. While they have superior movement speed and absurd firing rate (and great accuracy in the TSMG's case), they tend to do pitiful damage. Tactical SMG has even weaker damage per shot than the Light Pistol of all things, and most gun components of these two cannot be customized.
    • And there's the Light Pistol itself. All other secondary weapons are downright better.
    • The short-ranged Flamethrower. While it has amazing damage-per-second, nobody uses it unless there are any Hardsuit close by and even then it's difficult to reach the suit with it unless you have a cloak and no regular enemies around it. Most Hardsuit pilots knew better not to stick around getting blindsided.
  • Surprisingly Improved Sequel: Blacklight: Tango Down had mostly mediocre reviews. However, Blacklight: Retribution is a very polished game, and many reviewers call it a leading example of how to do a free-to-play game right.
  • That One Level: A view held by some for HeloDeck, the first departure from varied terrain and sightlines to dedicated close-quarter killhouse level. It's tight, fast-paced, and extremely small, made worse with the odd respawn system that likes to put enemy players right behind you and the shower of grenades down every corridor.
    • One of the new maps named Decay has quickly gained this view as well. It's very small, has a lot of small corners and all the same problems HeloDeck has being seen as the same but worse by many.
    • Also applies to Metro for the same reason. Not to mention smallness of the map and tight chokepoints (even by BLR's standard) that spawn-killing is a normal occurrence.
    • NetWar match in Containment mode, due to how the flag spawn is directly connected underground to one of the nodes.
    • Nuken, the only map available to Siege escort gamemode. It has long sightlines that favor camping tactics and is almost entirely outdoor, leading to one airstrikes after another. It doesn't help that players hates the gamemode itself due to lack of teamwork in public games.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: Part of player base's reaction to forum-exploding April 2013 removal of 1-day rental options and weapon parts pricing changes.
  • Uncanny Valley: DUCHESS, due to how Zombie's modified Unreal Engine render human faces. Characters with their face revealed don't have any facial animation for pain or any emotions too.

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