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Live Blog Makai Kingdom: So it shall be written, so it shall be liveblogged

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Table of Contents
Installment Title
1: It's The End of the Netherworld As We Know It, But I Feel Fine
2: Checking In at the Beginner's Lounge
3: Putting the Team Together
4: An Overlord's Home Is His Castle
5: Don't Let Your Guard D--...Oops.
6: He Is, Indeed, A Boss
7: Enter Babylon
8: Like A Bolt of Lightning, Alexander Strikes!
9: Happy Happy Dungeon Dungeon
10: There Will Be Busted Caps
11: The Death and Rebirth of Steve
12: Find the Treasure Room!
13: Soldiering On
14: The Samurai from Hell
15: Hey, Didn't We Just Beat You?
16: Filler Knights
17: What's That Green-Haired Girl's Deal, Anyway?
18: Castle Siege
19: Rats...a Lab!
20: Shouldn't He Be Called
21: Zetta, the Professor and Bob
22: Alex's Assassin
23: Zetta vs. King Drake's Ego
24: The Swordsman Who Could Have Been a Legend
25: Raiden
26: It'd Better Not Be...
27: Steve Was Right
28: Mo' Filler, Mo' Problems
29: Kashiwa Takes the Lead?
30: Go Nuts, Everyone
31: Preparation for the Lost City
32: The Student Becomes the Victim
33: Awesomeness by Osmosis
34: Cool for Cats
35: The One What?
36: Raiden's Quiet Return
37: In Three Days, You Will (Probably) Die
38: Remember to Beat Your Vegetables!
39: Aura of Awesomeness
40: Apple vs. Corn
41: Corn Goes Pop
42: Curse That Stupid Curse
43: Alexander Goes All Out 3
44: The Fated Final Confrontation Between Alex and...?
45: Love Me or Die
46: Marching Toward Death Herself
47: Foe-Tossing Charge
48: Murderous Marathon
49: Everyone vs. Salome

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