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Table of Contents
Installment Title
Chapter 1+2; What I Did After the War
Chapter III: My Advent On Mars
Chapter IV: A Prisoner
Chapter V: I Elude My Watchdog and Chapter VI: A Fight That Won Friends
Chapter VII: Child Raising On Mars
Chapter VIII: A Fair Captive From The Skies
Chapter IX: I Learn the Language
Chapter X: Champion and Chief
Chapter XI: With Dejah Thoris 3
Chapter XII: A Prisoner with Power 2
Chapter XIII: Love-Making on Mars 2
Chapter XIV: Duel to the Death 2
XV: Sola Tells Her Tale 2
XVI: We Plan Our Escape
XVII: A Costly Recapture
XVIII: Chained in Warhoon 1
XIX: Battling in the Arena 3
Chapter XX: In the Atmosphere Factory 5
XXI: An Air Scout For Zodanga (Part 1) 2
XXI: An Air Scout For Zodanga (Part 2) 5
XXII: I Find Dejah 2
XXIII: Lost In The Sky
XXIV: Tars Tarkas Finds A Friend 2
XXV: The Looting of Zodanga 1
XXVI: Through Carnage to Joy 2
XXVII: From Joy to Death 2
XXVIII: At the Arizona Cave 3
The Gods of Mars; Foreward 2
I: The Plant Men 1
II: A Forest Battle
Audiobook 3
In Which Rockopolis attempts to explain the hiatus 2
III: The Chamber of Mystery 3
IV: Thuvia 1

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