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Live Blog Let's Get Warty: Ramone Watches Battletoads
Ramone4902012-11-10 06:38:53

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Introduction: VHS- A Blast From My Past

Hello guys, my name is Ramone. I just recently decided to join this site but Iíve been going on TV Tropes for awhile. Iíve really been interested in the liveblog section of the site. I loved the concept of recapping events from a film, video game, TV shows, etc. and possibly adding your own snarks and critiques to the work. So, I decided to contribute to this section by attempting to make my own little liveblog. Iíve decided to start off with something easy by taking on the infamous pilot episode to the reviled Battletoads series.

Yeah, you guys probably know about the Battletoads... the NES game known for its extreme difficulty starring some TMNT knockoffs with really gross names. Yeah, the guys at DIC Entertainment decided to make a pilot episode for a possible Battletoads cartoon that would cash-in on the TMNT craze that was going on during the time. The end result is something SO BAD that it needs to be seen (or heard) to be believed.

I honestly donít have much experience with the Battletoads franchise. Iíve played the game on an emulator occasionally with my friend but I havenít really played THE ACTUAL NES GAME. However, Iíve seen enough Youtube Letís Plays and reviews about the game to know of its presence and thus, was able to recognize it when I found it on VHS. Yes, that is right... I have the actual VHS that contains THE ONLY episode of the potential Battletoads series. How did I get manage to get the thing? Did I buy it off from eBay or Amazon? Well, no. Did I get an illegal copy? No... Did I sell my soul to the devil to get this gem? Youíre joking, right.

No, the story behind how I managed to get this VHS copy was really simple. My cousins were doing some spring cleaning and they realized they had a large amount of VH Ses (is that how you spell it?) that they didnít really need. So, I decided to be nice and to take the large stacks of VH Ses with me. Because I JUST LOVE VHSES AND WATCHING THEM ON A DVR PLAYER... they are like pieces of childhood and time capsules of the era where I was just a newborn. You could call me a ďVHS collectorĒ in a way... but Iím not that obsessive over getting them.

So, among the large stacks of VH Ses, I noticed there was a VHS for a Battletoads series and when I say it I was like, ďWow! There was a Battletoads series! And I have a VHS copy with some episodes from it... Sweet! I canít wait to watch this.Ē Then, I put the VHS in my DVR player and watched the amazing glory of televised spectacle that was the Battletoads pilot.

What did I experience on that very day? ...Youíll have to read the rest of this liveblog to find out. Iíll try to post as many updates I can for this thing. And who knows? Maybe, if this liveblog works out, I could watch some longer works of entertainment like movies or TV shows or whatever and make a cool liveblog about them. So, stay tuned for more updates on this wonderfully warty project.


Dec 4th 2012 at 2:57:55 PM
You know what else is sad about this pilot? The fact that it is still mentioned on the production company's website here. You would think they had forgotten about it...