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Live Blog When Worlds Collide: VS. The Boskeyverse
Psyga3152012-02-19 07:50:18

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Episode 4: VS. Catdog

Alright, before we begin, let me just gloss over the fanfic Reptar Saves The Day really quick. The kids pretend they are rescuing Reptar from these shrew people who, since I have no idea who they are due to Lost in Medias Res (seriously, this was my reaction to the shrew people), I’m gonna assume they’re the shrews from Redwall. Then a raptor comes and Reptar fights him off, all while suffering a Disney Death. And then it was All Just a Dream apparently.

There are two other fanfics I skipped, Tommy's Scar and The Search For Tommy. The reasons being that they’re not crossovers and they’re not very note-worthy. All that happens in Tommy’s Scar is that he gets a scar. It wasn’t as stupid as magic talking wolves. As for The Search For Tommy, it was mostly explaining why and how the Rugrats sans Tommy and Dil pulled a Big Damn Heroes at the very end. With those out of the way, we can now focus on today’s crossover fic, which out of all of them, is a clever idea.

See, the story is called The Rugrats Meet Catdog, and like it says on the tin, the Rugrats are gonna have an encounter with Cat Dog. I call this clever because this makes the most sense as both shows are made by Nickelodeon. And no, I am not counting the Animorphs crossover because 1, only plot elements were air-lifted from Animorphs and 2, you’re seriously thinking I’m gonna consider the live action show?

Anyways, Cat Dog is about a cat and a dog fused together. Hilarity Ensues. That’s pretty much all you need to know for now. So, shall we begin this story?

So we start off with the babies at Susie’s house, and Dil snatching Cynthia from Angelica. I’ll cue this clip. Angelica and Dil fight over the doll when suddenly, a portal appears, and Angelica gets sucked in.

"Angelica!", Susie and the babies yelled. "Come on! We gotta help her!", Susie and Tommy said.

"Why?", Phil and Lil wanted to know.

"Ah, come on!", Tommy replied.

... That is pretty accurate to the character. While Angelica is a total bitch, she is still Susie’s friend and Tommy’s cousin. Anyways, they jump into the portal, with Spike following. And yes, this is the first instance of The Multiverse being used to justify these crossover fics.

For those not in the know, The Multiverse is often used to justify why people with different worlds can gel normally. Tons of crossovers, both official and unofficial use this, and for good reason. If the author used this to justify the presence of Littlefoot and that raptor, then that would be acceptable. Although Alien Dinosaurs would also make sense, especially since Littlefoot played the role of Elfangor last we saw him.

So they arrive at Catdog’s house, and suddenly they get scared by the door opening and they hide at a big old tree. And apparently, The author refers to Cat and Dog as Cat- and -Dog. I will refer them sans dashes. So anyways, Cat and Dog are out and after a “Oh, pretty please?” Cat decides to play fetch with Dog. However, the ball ended up at the tree and Catdog and the Rugrats see each other. The Rugrats response is pretty obvious: They scream. After a short while, The Rugrats and Catdog introduce themselves. Cat wonders if Spike will harm him, and Tommy tells him not to worry, even using a Call-Back to an episode of Rugrats. So after Susie tells the two about their situation, Cat warns the Rugrats about the Greaser Dogs, who are the Catdog equivalent of Angelica. And how ironic, the Dogs arrive. However, they run off for some reason. Tommy even ponders this and...

Another Call-Back to the movie. Y’know, I aught ta make a smoking game and a drinking game outta dis. So Tommy believes a wolf is stalking them. And... A T-REX APPEARS! So, that’s four times in a row the movie is referenced in some way and we had a dinosaur appear in some way, shape, or form. I think I found the Author Appeal. I’m not exactly sure if dinosaurs exist in the Catdog universe, so this actually will slip by me for once.

Oh wait. There are other dinosaurs... And guess who they are? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYUP! THE LBT GANG! WE’VE HIT THE TRIFECTA OF THE BOSKEYVERSE! Oh, and there’s a little Name's the Same joke with Spike. Anyways, the gang decide to take down the T-Rex and after nearly losing Ducky and Stu!Tommy kicking some ass, they manage to take down the dinosaur. And so the Rugrats decide to go home.

So yeah, Littlefoot just fucking derailed the story.


And yeah. That’s the end of that story. All I have to say is “FUCK THIS!” Seriously, after watching an episode of Catdog to get a gist of what I will expect, I was excited to see what this author was going to do with them. However, the author just goes “screw this.” And have Littlefoot derail the story! And not in a good way either. After Littlefoot arrives, Cat and Dog barely do anything or even speak! Their own crossover is snubbed by Littlefoot! There could have been so many stories to tell, and instead, the author went for the Halfway Plot Switch! They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot!

I’ve tolerated the mate of the wolf being a Zira ripoff. I’ve tolerated the Kovu reject simply leaving because he was pushed a bit. I’ve tolerated Stu!Tommy morphing only twice and vowing never to morph again for no reason. I’ve tolerated the raptor leaving for no reason. I’ve tolerated Tommy convincing Spike to come back with one sentence, a feat most magical girls would be jealous of. I’ve even tolerated a fanfic being called “Beast Wars” despite having no connection with said show. But this? The author had the Rugrats meeting Catdog, and then suddenly fucks that up by having Littlefoot derail the plot! That’s pretty hard for me to forgive! Rugrats Meet Catdog my ass!

Fuck this shit. I’m gonna take some more fucking Momentai. Tune in next time for more of these horrid crossovers! I hope next time it doesn’t get derailed again.


Feb 19th 2012 at 2:31:37 PM
This isn't a proper crossover between the two. Aren't they supposed to be about interaction between these two universes? Geez. This writer has something for dinosaurs that's reaching the point of unhealthy for writing any sort of crossover fanfiction.

Oh and I like to use the Multiverse as justification when I write too. It works perfectly for Kamen Rider Decade and in some kind of sense for Dragon Knight.

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